Sustainability has been a core component of All Our Weekends since its inception. While a lot of things shifted and changed in our research and product development process, we knew that sustainability had to be a central part of our mission from the very beginning.

To us, sustainability isn’t only about sourcing high-quality recycled fabrics or using natural packaging; while those things are important, we embrace sustainability as an end-to-end part of our process, from design inception to iteration and execution. 

When we dream up new pieces, we’re thinking about how you might wear and experience that clothing every day. We focus on getting the little details right so you’ll always want to reach for them and don’t have to own so many different pieces. We test the feel and performance of fabrics extensively on a diverse range of body types to make sure we’ve selected the best material. 

Why Pre-order?

The products in our first launch are pre-order only to meet demand and conserve the energy and resources of our Earth. By making the exact quantity of pieces ordered, we can also optimize our cut-and-sew process to minimize scraps (fabric waste).

What was your product development process?

We designed and sewed all the working versions of our designs ourselves instead of sending samples back-and-forth to a manufacturer. Keeping things completely local and in-house made our development process much faster and more sustainable.

What is RPET? 

RPET is recycled polyester, a high-performance fabric with a sturdy feel that's often used in the most comfy activewear. Recycled polyester is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, used for water and soda packaging. It's pre-shrunk, soft, and extremely durable.

What is Tencel Lyocell? 

Lyocell is a completely natural, exquisitely soft fabric made out of wood pulp fiber that's biodegradable. It drapes and flows beautifully, similar to the feel of woven rayon. It is also shrink resistant, durable and easy to care for. 

We’re using Tencel branded Lyocell specifically because of their demonstrated commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Tencel™ is the trade name for the generic fibre Lyocell from Lenzing Company. The fiber is produced with a 'closed loop' manufacturing process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. The solvent used in the process is toxic but 99% is recovered and continually recycled. 

We’re committed to transparency around our sustainability practices - if you have more questions, contact us at