Our Story

Women Designing for Women

We make clothing to sustain you through all moments of life, in movement and rest.

Our story is just as much about intentional design as it is about creating beautiful clothing that makes you feel incredible. We thought carefully about every step and stage of the process - every component of the design from the depth of the pockets and the breathability of the waistline down to the exact right taper of the leg for the most flattering silhouettes. We went through iterative product testing to make each detail just right. We hope you can see the love we put into these designs come to life on your body.

Our clothing is designed for comfort and professionalism. We were two women tired of having to compromise one or the other - so we created All Our Weekends to address both through Georgia Tech’s Create-X startup incubator program. We spent countless late nights imagining (and designing and testing) working, lounging, hanging out, and running errands in these clothes. Our clothes shouldn’t constrict or limit us; they should enable the best version of ourselves. 

For our first product launch, we made sure women’s voices were at the center of our design process by interviewing over 100 women and keeping the product development process completely in-house. We hand selected sustainable fabrics based on performance, durability, and comfort. We’re using 100% RPET and natural Tencel Lyocell fabric after months of poring through the environmental impact versus performance of each fabric. Read more on our sustainability here

We designed countless product prototypes to create a working woman's perfect go-to pant. Each time, we did product testing on a diverse range of body types and talked about how they could be even better - until they were just right.

On top of designing multifunctional, versatile clothing, we wanted to bring intentional design into our processes from start to finish. Our current ordering model is a pre-order system to minimize the waste impact on our environment. 

We want you to be in weekend mode: living your best life and choosing what you want to do - at ease, both in mind and body. 

You are more than enough. And you should always feel like it. 


Jenny & Susan
All Our Weekends Founders